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Infiniti (インフィニティ, Infiniti, IPA: [iɰ̃ɸiniti]) is the luxury vehicle division of Japanese automaker Nissan. Infiniti officially started selling vehicles on November 8, 1989, in North America. The marketing network for Infiniti-branded vehicles included dealers in over 50 countries in the 2010s. As of 2020, there are 25 markets served by new car dealers. The main markets are the U.S. and China.

Darryl mentioned, "I would strongly recommended anyone to avoid Infiniti. One of the worst companies dealing with cars. They just discontinue vehicles overnight FX35 and don't provide any after sales for the discontinued cars. Even China do not manufacture their parts saying it's a failed company. In Qatar finding infiniti parts are like finding a needle in a haystack. Sad to know they related to Nissan."


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Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"They say they want it to be a family oriented environment and it's the opposite. Everyone has a really bad attitude which eventually rubs off on you. Minimum to any training. Managers aren't really helpful at all and actually make you feel really stupid if you make any little mistake. Pay isn't that great and isn't much if any at all room for growth in this company."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Horrible management. Undelivered promises to employees. Horrific pay plans. Long hours and little pay. no benefits, only after 6 months, and they suck, super expensive."

Sale Representative says

"Extremely limited room to advance from the sales floor. High stress job. No respect for employee's."


"work/life balance is atrocious and very clicky"

Fixed Operations Manager says

"Management and overall corporate strategy was too focused on cost-cutting to operate like a luxury brand. Individual training and structure were lacking."

Sales says

"perception of consumers on car sales"

Current Employee - Senior Associate says

"Currently nothing to much of work load"

Current Employee - Data Analyst says

"management need to be improve a lot"


"Bad management skills, Bad closing out of employment"

Dealer Integrated Services-Valet Driver (Current Employee) says

"The people were nice but the job wasn’t worth it. The hours were crazy and the people working there were childish. The pay wasn’t worth what you had to deal with on a daily basis"

Automotive Technician (Former Employee) says

"Everybody in a management position is overly involved and love to play favorites. The business is horrible and slow, yet you are still required to be there about 10 hours per day with the only day off being on Sunday. There is absolutely ZERO consideration for your outside life as they expect you to put your job first.NoneLow pay and overworked"

Asistente de Dirección (Former Employee) says

"Es una empresa deplorable. Ambiente, salario, todo pésimo.Se trabaja los sabados"

Anfitriona post venta (Former Employee) says

"Una empresa que promete mucho, pero en realidad no existe nada de eso. Pésimo que la gerencia no tenga conocimiento de lo que es ética profesional, pues con tal de que no se afecte su puesto, prefiere hablar mal de sus empleados. No tienen conocimiento de procesos. Es un ambiente pesado y desagradable por parte de la gerencia y aunque RH tiene conocimiento de todo lo que sucede dentro de la agencia, no hacen nada, prefieren que la gente renuncie, pues solo duran entre 1 y 3 meses los empleados. Demasiada rotación de personal. Y cuando sales de la empresa el gerente habla pestes de ti o de cualquier otro. Habla mal de su equipo de trabajo y después cuando te vas.NadaNo pagan días de incapacidad, no respetan horarios, pésimo control en todas las áreas."

Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"My daily routine at work was to answer all the company phone lines and set appointments. I also did a lot of clerical and office work."

Detailer (Former Employee) says

"I’ve learned new cleaning techniques the management wasn’t great the hardest part of the job was dealing with the hostility of the management enjoyable part was working on cars ."

SALES EXECUTIVE (Former Employee) says

"This location was extremely dry and slow. the marketing efforts were there but not enough, the owners did not spend much time with this particular location, rarely visit. closed down. people lost their jobs"

Service Advisor/WriterService advisor (Former Employee) says

"Terrible pay for what you have to do. You can work at a lower Carline and get paid more and work less. Will keep cutting pay for the service advisor position. Which is the most stressful ,most profitable position for the service department. Makes me wonder if a machine will be replacing that position soonTerrible pay for what you have to do. You can work at a lower Carline. I get paid more and work lessSomething to get you through college"

Certified Infiniti New/Used Car Salesman (Current Employee) says

"was difficult very low traffic and never made a profit on any car everything was -$1000+ loss the people are all cut throat and management is not helpful and will kill your deal if you get on their bad side250 mini on new carsvery Low Traffic"

Technician (Current Employee) says

"After a few new management changes a couple of years ago, the dealership has not been the same. Managers are careless. Dealership is pretty slow and not much good paying work. Also have a hard time getting picked up or taken to the parking lot to get to or from our employee vehicles. It is pretty laid back, and i can usually leave whenever i want, but the headaches aren't worth it.Very leanient on many things, pretty laid backCertain departments are not managed very well"

Logistics Specialist (Former Employee) says

"scanning and loading packages into the right store numbers and right trucks while maintaining no errors.basically getting paid to workout30 min break, hot work inviorment"

Finance Director (Former Employee) says

"Very busy with taking care of customers learned a lot about the finance business in the auto industry.Hardest part being so busy no time to reflect.the most enjoyable customers being satisfied"

BDC Representative (Former Employee) says

"You worked you schedule and stayed to yourself. Hardest part of the job was dealing with management and how they behaved. They are family orientated so any family emergencies are a priority."

Receptionist (Current Employee) says

"Managers sometimes offer very little help even when a guest is very angry and all they want is to speak to someone that will resolve their problem, but the management will insist on passing that guest to someone else or for the guest to leave a voice mail... Sales men are rude and snobby they will complain about sales yet don't want to help guest when they walk in. Pay is good and job is simple, the people in charge are what make it a pain.good pay, easy tasksbad management"

Lot Porter/Car detail (Former Employee) says

"Detailed rental cars. Went to the gas station to fill up the rental cars for customers to drive them while their car was getting worked on. Made sure the shop was kept cleanFree lunch on Saturdays"

Detailing Head of Staff & Kia parts Manager (Former Employee) says

"This was my first real career path, i started this in highschool because family ties that are in the industry and at the time at this dealer. after 2 years my ties all left for better opportunities and i started to grow within the company on my own as a good worker, leader, manager. I had more responsibilities at that dealership then anywhere else ever, i was young eager and full of desire to truly become somebody. what kicked me down, 2 things, the first being, even though my ties no longer existed in the dealership itself the family presence is within the industry and i always lived in a shadow, protected i felt at the time i would never be judged on my work alone. the 2nd is that my heart broke, it's a difficult industry to work in, usually nobody goes to a car dealer without hurting the bank account, and when i was forced to void a warrantee too a senior who had bought his vehicle a few weeks prior and needed a functional vehicle for work, when his 2 week old vehicle lost an alternator, candian tire switched it allowing him to return the part when our dealership could be open and we could accommodate the correct warranted part. my authority was slashed, due to family conflict that did not involve me and i could not help this poor man, with no money crying at my desk. I assured myself automotive would be a backup industry for me beyond that point, nothing more as i handed my resignation without notice.(not my favorite move to say but i was young, bold and in that moment furious) i was later hired in the industry as a consultant a few times later for varioustypical work hours good enviroment to growno client is ever happy when price is talked about"

Comercio de ropa formal e informal (Former Employee) says

"El en transcurso del ida atendía clientes como cualquier vendedor entrabamos a las 15 hs y salia a las 21 hs , los dueños tenían un excelente trato con migo al igual que con mis compañeros.muy buen ambienteestaba en negro"

Associate (Former Employee) says

"Nice place to start your career Learn new methods of research Client interaction Project handling Long Working Hours Good Work will get good pay Need to work hard"

Car Jockey (Former Employee) says

"Friendly co workers and great clean working environment to be apart of. Lots of hours to be made and general manager provides lunch for employees every Saturday.Free Saturday lunch"

Product Specialist (Current Employee) says

"the job sales have been slow. not so much foot traffic infiniti as a brand is slow so looking for something new. looking for something closer to home as well since i live 2 hours away from work."

Artur says

"Three years ago I bought a new q50. It\'s a great car, but Infiniti really sucks. After leaving Europe, they left their customers alone, practically without service and warranty. I will never buy an Infiniti again."

DeXinla DaBerJa says

"La marca de automóviles INFINITI empezó a comercializarse en España en el último trimestre del año 2013. Ahora, en Abril de 2020, dicha marca abandona el mercado Europeo, eliminando, sin ningún aviso, sin ninguna explicación y sin ningún tipo de contraprestación u opción hacia el cliente, servicios previamente contratados. Entre otros, eliminaron la llamada de Asistencia INFINITI, Informe del estado del vehículo, Notificaciones MIL ON, Notificación de mantenimiento, Seguimiento InTouch, Send ad To Car, Calendario, Sincronización del correo electrónico, la propia aplicación Android In-Touch. La página web también desapareció, junto con todos los servicios y teléfonos de atención al cliente. O sea, una completa y total desmantelación en regla de todos sus servicios. Una vergüenza y un abuso de poder de esta submarca de la empresa multinacional nipona Nissan. Como consecuencia de lo anterior, cientos de usuarios interpusieron quejas y reclamaciones que en ningún caso fueron atendidas debidamente. Se crea la P.A.I.E. (Plataforma de Afectados Infiniti España). DeXinla."

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